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The HealthLine Law Journal was launched in 2013 by attorneys practicing in the field of healthcare law and who work as healthcare administrators. The objectives of the journal are to provide needed research, information, and clarification to healthcare professionals (regarding healthcare law and healthcare reform), to help train the next generation of healthcare attorneys, and to provide opportunities for law students who have an interest in healthcare law.  Central to these objectives, is a desire to expose law students to senior healthcare executives and healthcare attorneys working in government, in-house at healthcare facilities, and in law firms. It is our hope that this will lead to better research and information available to healthcare facilities and professionals, regarding healthcare law and healthcare reform.  It is our belief that to accomplish this, it is necessary to: a) generate greater interest in healthcare law by young attorneys, b) entice more attorneys to enter the area of healthcare law, as well as develop much deeper expertise in this area, and c) provide opportunities for students to directly interact and collaboratively work with healthcare executives and professionals. By doing this, the healthcare industry will benefit from more, better, and less costly legal and regulatory knowledge, understanding, information, and expertise (i.e., increased supply equals reduced costs).

Federal healthcare laws are on track to become one of the most prolific and complex areas of law in the U.S.  Add to this the states’ rights to regulate licensure, operations, and professions relating to healthcare facilities and professionals—and you have a double down on healthcare legal requirements.  Furthermore, many inconsistencies exist within federal healthcare laws, rules, and regulations (e.g., the 96 hour rule for CAH hospitals), as well as between federal and state healthcare laws. Healthcare reform is one of the hottest political topics in the U.S. today, and the federal government’s zealous pursuit against “waste, fraud, and abuse” is fundamentally transforming healthcare in the United States.  All of this creates tremendous uncertainty in healthcare, and we hope to help the healthcare industry, as well as healthcare professionals, identify, research, understand, and solve these issues and concerns.  With this, and unlike other law journals, the HealthLine Law Journal is not simply focused on reporting the current state of applicable laws and practices.  This journal will also actively engage in researching and identifying industry best practices, to help healthcare attorneys, facilities, and professoinals remain up to date regarding legal and regulatory requirements, as well as business best practices.

Healthcare law is the next hot area in legal practice.  Despite this, healthcare law is one of the most illusive and misunderstood areas of law in the United States. Healthcare law is complex and extremely interesting, with tremendous diversity in the types of issues, parties, and fact patterns involved.

We would love for you to join our team.  Whether a law student, licensed attorney, or healthcare professional, you can author articles for publication or participate as a member of our editorial board, healthcare executive board, or healthcare provider board (click here to learn how).  Non-attorneys are welcome to submit articles to the law journal for consideration or to participate as a member on one or multiple of our boards.  Please contact us if you are interested in contributing. Visit our contribute page to learn how.

Publication of Journal Articles

The HealthLine Law Journal will be published electronically, in print, on a biannual or quarterly basis (initially), and we have already begun discussions with both WestLaw and LexisNexis in hopes of including our publications in their professional and academic databases. If needed, the journal may transition to a more frequent publication. Print copies of each issue and volume will be widely available in U.S. distribution, including through major distribution channels.  The journal has already established means to accomplish this, including the following:

  • Journal volumes being made available for sale through worldwide, online print book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Ingram network.
  • Brick and mortar bookstores being able to order and stock copies of the journal through Ingram, if they desire.
  • The journal being listed in major bibliographic databases such as Nielsen and Bowker.

The journal will also (and has already begun to) interface with state hospital and medical associations.  We will work closely with them, offer their members knowledge and research resources, offer publishing opportunities to their members, and seek for journal articles to be republished in hospital or medical association publications. We may do all the same things with national hospital and medical associations.

Participants with the journal will always retain the right to use their works and have them republished elsewhere, with citation and attribution to the original publication (in the journal).

The HelathLine Law Journal offers an excellent way to publish, become an authority in healthcare and healthcare law, as well as distinguish yourself from your peers.

Submitting articles to the journal for consideration, in any manner or form, constitutes your agreement to our publication Agreement & Terms.

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